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Once Hauppauge Fire Department Chief Tom Krivlaka, District Fire Marshall Greg Gottlieb and First Assistant Chief Ray Germaine had evacuated the building, they quickly determined that “the fire was spreading into the remainder of the finished basement,” said Chief Krivlaka. “I gave Assistant Chief Germaine the order to use the DSPA-5 and was pleased with the result.
“The DSPA-5 knocked the fire down almost completely and prevented the spread of flames until the pumper arrived a few minutes later.”
Remarkably, the department required only 25 gallons of water to overhaul the fire after using the DSPA-5 – approximately 1/8 of the amount usually required. First Assistant Chief Germaine noted, “We were very impressed with what the DSPA-5 did in knocking down the fire and minimizing fire and water damage to the property.”




building fireFIRE is one of the oldest and most destructive forces on earth. Every year thousands of lives and billions of dollars are lost to the ravages of fire. Yet with all of the advances of the modern world we continue to battle fires with the same methods used for countless generations; we douse it with thousands of gallons of water which hopefully contains the flames but in itself can cause untold damages to the property and its contents. The runoff, of the now contaminated water, flows into our sewers and ground causing damage to our environment.

•What if there was a solution that could possibly save fire personnel and victim's lives?
•What if there was a solution that could protect your property and valuables?
•What if there was a solution that could reduce the amount of water used to battle the fire and thus reduce damage to the home or business and the effect on the environment?

Introducing the revolutionary DSPA (Dry Sprnkler Powder Aerosol)

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AFG Flame Guard Ltd. is a member of the AFG Group, an international group of companies that are developing, manufacturing and distributing some of the most advanced fire prevention and preservation products available. We offer sales, training and service for fire suppression systems, fire retardant paints, building material coatings and fire fighting equipment.